The Squad


Eric Fallon – Chief Entertainment Officer

Eric once wrestled an injured pink flamingo from the jaws of a crocodile. He hand nursed the bird back to health and reconciled the relationship between hunter and prey. His 8 years in the soap business have afforded him the captain’s chair but his kind nature has afforded him the god-like ability to wash away your sins.



Justin Maclean – The Closer

Whether it comes to IT, being a star salesman or just being really tall/good-looking he excels like no other. He hopes to one day have a family of 7 children so he can “dunk on those fools” in the comfort of his own driveway.

(claims  never to  have  faked  the  funk)


Elan Marks – Art Director/Drinker

This South Africa born stud is a star painter/mixologist/graphic designer. Join him for a drink and you’ll be corralled into a threesome faster than a scalded dog. Come say hi!