Smooth Sailing - Bundle

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Enjoy saving a few quid while making sure your body will be moisturized and soft!


Salt Soap

Body Lotion

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Tanya Tymchuk

The body lotion smells so fresh
Nice non greasy lotion that leaves dry skin moisturizer
Love this product

Andrea Penner
Freshness in a bottle

The soap leaves a clean, fresh scent. It’s a huge bar, so it’ll last a while! The lotion goes on so smooth and is not greasy at all. The scent is so fresh smelling as well. I definitely recommend this bundle!


The salt soap cleans well and leaves a nice but subtle clean scent. The moisturizer is phenomenal! Soaks in quickly, not greasy at all and smells like soap (almost the same as the salt soap)... something Irish perhaps? Either way it makes you smell like you just stepped out of the shower. Bought it for my father... then again for myself after trying them. Highly recommend!

Kimberly Gsellman
Do I smell like my grandpa? Yes. And I love it.

The second I took a whiff of the lotion I fell in love. It smells old and woodsy, and just like my grandpa when I would give him a hug in the morning. It brings to mind a lot of pleasant memories for me and I would love it for that reason alone, however I do have perpetually dry skin and the lotion delivers a wonderful moisturizing effect that doesn’t feel greasy. I would one hundred percent recommend the lotion to any of my friends. The salt soap smells lovely as well but I haven’t noticed any kind of exfoliation happening. It may be a little too subtle in that regard for me, but it is a lovely chunk of nice smelling soap that doesn’t take too long to rinse off and leaves my skin feeling clean.

Amazing smell!

My friend gave me these as a Christmas gift, and I loved it! I love the smell and the consistency of the moisturizer, and the soap leaves an amazing smell on the skin as well.