Body Care Bundle

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500mL per product - Sandalwood scented

1 Nourishing body lotion

1 Body wash

1 Shampoo & conditionner

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Love this line - Glad I rediscovered RR! Quality and Simplicity

Like mentioned in my review for the face care bundle - Used to get a few of their products in a store here in Ohio (Meijer) a couple years back but haven't seen them there in a while. Randomly thought to go direct and glad I did! I love the Rebels Refinery skin/body/hair line for a few simple reasons: LOVE the shared scent that is universal across the product line (body wash, shampoo, body lotion, and face wash/moisturizer). LOVE the sleek and stylish but simple packaging they currently have (I actually stocked up and bough about 5 of these as I know the formula and the packaging are changing this month...I'm sure the new will be fantastic, but i still love this current version so much). And finally - supporting the team at RR as a small business with some great company values is crucial. Keep up the great work!

For this bundle specifically - the shower body wash and shampoo are effective for a good clean and again - love the scent. Cleans well, and i don't need a heavy additional conditioner as a guy with short hair, so the 2-in-1 is fine for me. And then for the body lotion, best part is that scent I keep mentioning - here it stays on the skin and lasts for hours. Once you get down to the bottom third of the bottle you need to shake or pat out the lotion as the pump stops being effective. Not a big deal for me but others might get annoyed. I'm a big fan of the mostly/almost entirely natural ingredients. For the past few years I've been dropping a lot of cash on more expensive brands like Brickell, and I find these work just as well! And note again here like other products: the simple touch of adding a lip balm gift with orders pay dividends for me to get points with the gf ;) thanks RR team!

Kimberley Seunarine

I will be happy to let you know what my son thinks of your products... I purchased them all for him and he has not been home from university yet. Personally I have been very impressed with your company. I liked the package containing a thank you card and the company name card in sign language as well the personal email from management and finally this email asking for a review. Really shows excellent customer service and importance of customer connection. Way to go 🙂

Sue Westwell
Amazing Products

The shampoo smells so good and leavea my hair soft and shiny. The body wash I also love skin is smooth and moisturized with the body lotion. I work outside all year and highly recommend these products.

Daniel Cantin
My new go to!

These are now by go to products. I get extremely dry skin in the winter especially from working in a warehouse. These no chemicals are amazing and Canadian made. I highly recommend.

Tanya Tymchuk
Excellent Products

All of Rebels products are amazing


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