Pineapple Hand Sanitizer - 3 PACK - Refillable

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Who said sanitizing can't be fun? 
Introducing our refillable, crystal-inspired pineapple sanitizer.
80% alcohol - packed with Japanese peppermint essential oil to keep your hands from drying out.

(doesn't hurt that it smells fantastic)
Please stay healthy. 

Save few bucks when you buy them by 3!Can be refilled with the 500ML refill bottle.Please, allow few days extra for shipping on this item ❤
Made in Canada - Cruelty-free - Vegan Formula - Travel-sized approved (TSA)60 ML | 2 FL OZ | 80% alc./vol.NPN# 80108612MEDICINAL INGREDIENTS | INGRÉDIENTS MÉDICINAUX: Ethyl Alcohol (Ethanol) - 80% | Alcool Éthylique (Ethanol) - 80% | 3% Hydrogen Peroxide/Peroxyde d'hydrogène.NON-MEDICINAL INGREDIENTS | INGRÉDIENTS NON MÉDICINAUX: Distilled Water/Eau, Glycerol/Glycérine & Mentha Piperita (Japanese Peppermint) Oil. 

Customer Reviews

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Marivic Faustino
Amazing scent, bad sealant

I am in love with packaging ever since I saw it here! Fell even deeper with that impressive Japanese peppermint scent. I love the spray idea even though it meant touching the entire bottle. However, I can't leave it on a non-upright position without it spilling through the neck of the bottle and cap. And it happened to all of them and people I've gifted it to. So I can't just throw it in a bag or in my car. Hopefully this can be fixed? Thank you for this product nevertheless.


I love the nice clean scent, and how the shape makes it easy to find when I'm in a hurry and just put my hand in my bag and I know exactly when I have found it.

Judith Apley

Not what I am used to. Doesn't transfer between hands.

Tiffany Phillips
So cute!

This is so cute, love that it's refillable, not my favorite scent, but it's not bad.

Aurora Pearce

Love this hand sanitizer, in a world where they’re suddenly everywhere - and not all created equal. It smells fantastic, is in the cutest bottle & is cost effective (compared to a lot of the luxury brand ones). Will repurchase.


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