Meet the brand

"Rebels Refinery offers sustainable and stylish lipcare, skincare, and personal care to rule breakers, thrill seekers, and free-spirits."


Since when did “doing the most” become a bad thing? There’s nothing wrong with a little cheeky fun. We live life out of the box, write our own rulebook, and know exactly how to push the envelope. We believe in free spirits, rebels, iconoclasts, freaks AND geeks. So go ahead, be extra —Rebel’s Refinery is here to remind you that there’s always more fun to be had (and help you find it).


We could give you another basic lip balm in a boring tube that’s just going to get lost in the bottom of your bag...but Rebel’s Refinery doesn’t do basic. We do do cool, however. From our signature skull lip balms to spiky pineapple hand sanitizers and sleek skincare packaging... generic just isn’t something we do. Ever.


Just ‘cause we get a little messy, doesn’t mean that we don’t care about quality. We develop and handcraft all our formulas in-house, with premium quality ingredients. Let’s face it, who doesn’t lick their lip balm and nobody loves microplastics getting all up in their biz. We make DAMN sure that every element in our formulas meets the highest standards of quality, every time, so you can get down and dirty—safely.

Truly, this, is us

"We pride ourselves on being adaptable, creative, and innovative forward thinkers who love biting off a little more than we can chew ‘cause we know we can turn it into something totally new."

Our Story

Story Timezzz:
🧓 The brand was started by Eric Fallon, & his two best friends, Elan Marks & Justin Maclean, after realizing that father time was sneaking up on them (*shakes fist*), & they couldn't find the products they were looking for.
📺 Since building a time machine wasn't looking plausible, they decided to start what began as a men's grooming brand. They found their way onto the Canadian television version of Shark Tank called Dragon's Den. Kevin O'Leary was the "Dragon" at the time & walked off within the first 10 minutes of our pitch *outch*. They ended up landing a deal with Arlene Dickinson & used the money to create their first shaped lip balm - the Skull.
🤸‍♂️ This item became so wildly popular with women that they changed their tagline from 'Premium Natural Skincare for Men' to 'Premium Natural Skincare for Humans.' (the rest is history but you can learn more about our current products here)
🖤 While Rebels Refinery has evolved from our start with men’s grooming to the iconic skull lip balm and beyond, one thing remains — our commitment to giving you what you want. We're adaptable, creative, and love a good challenge. We believe in turning every experience into something new.
🌱 Saying goodbye to our black packaging was tough, but it wasn't recyclable. Instead, we embraced change, improved our formulas with natural ingredients, ensuring our products are better for you and our precious planet.

"We see our customers as savvy, quirky, and clean-conscious individuals who don’t want to settle for basic basics andneed an extra sizzle in their essential, everyday lip care and skincare."

Rebels Refinery: Your Unique Style Companion 🤝
🪩 We're here for the innovators, the style enthusiasts, and those who value quality with a touch of fun. Celebrating the daring, the rule-breakers, and those who dance to their own beat.
🤸‍♂️ For us, it's more than just skincare and lip care; it's a lifestyle that's edgy, environmentally conscious, and, above all, uniquely yours. We craft our products with high-quality ingredients, because you deserve nothing but the best.
💙 Welcome to Rebels Refinery, where your style meets substance, and every product is a statement.

& what's for you?

🌎 Greenwash-er? I Hardly Even Know Her!

You don’t have to do something crazy to save the planet —sustainability is a constant work in progress. We give a sh*t and are always on the lookout for ways we can make our products even friendlier to the earth. That's why the product we're the most proud of is our refillable lip balm.
🇨🇦 Based in Canada, our products are hand-poured and made with clean ingredients that we are proud of. We’ll be sharing our progress toward sustainability with you every step of the way!

Meet the team

Eric - CEO aka "The Mad Hatter"

"Work is my life & I have to say that I've never been happier. I look forward to my morning car ride where I pick our marketing manager Mémé up. I look forward to seeing the rest of the staff as soon as I arrive as well as seeing everyone outside of work. The people are simply amazing. Our products are made to bring joy to people's lives. We're not curing rare diseases but it's nice to know we put a smile on people's faces. My favorite RR product is the essential oil roller we have, called "MAKE STRESS AN EX""

Katy - COO aka "The Multitasker"

"I'm grateful to have been given the opportunity to grow both with and within the company. I'm one of the lucky few who get to say they love their job & the best part for me is that I get to work with people I genuinely like/admire. Hard workers & people with grit inspire me a lot. I hope to see our brand become more of a household name one day. My favorite products would have to be the hand lotion & salt soap, & I would love for us to have a super sleek tinted stick with a refill option in the future"

Mémé - Marketing Manager aka "The Guru"

"Working at Rebels brings me joy & a sense of purpose. I love creating content & sharing ideas with the team. The products we create inspire me a lot and that’s why I always have three different products besides my laptop when I’m working. I’m obsessed with our salt soap & the pink passion fruit skull but my must-have rebels product is the face wash, saved my acne era! I would love us to create a diamond-shaped lip balm!"

Sacha - Warehouse Manager aka "The Mother hen"

"Working at Rebels brings the daily challenge of solving problems & finding solutions, which I love. I also get to work with some amazingly creative & hard-working people who inspire me on a daily basis. We are a company full of people who enjoy sharing their food & culture, so the constant stream of food is an added bonus to the job. (Except when I'm trying to diet; how's a girl supposed to diet with all the tempting food around all the time?!) I love seeing the company grow; I want us to take over the world, one pair of lips at a time!"