Thanks for coming to visit us at Rebels Refinery. Our mission at Rebels Refinery is to help build a fun-loving community and transform the ordinary into moments of joy.

The brand was started by 3 best friends who couldn't find the products they were looking for as father time crept into our lives (*shakes fist). Originally a men's grooming brand, we found our way onto the Canadian television version of Shark's Tank called Dragon's Den. Kevin O'Leary was Dragon at the time and walked off within 10 minutes of our pitch. We ended up doing a deal and used the money to create our first shaped lip balm- the skull. This item became so wildly popular with women that we changed our tagline from 'Premium Natural Skincare for Men' to 'Premium Natural Skincare for Humans.'

Over the years, we created new iterations of our lip balms as we realized our passion lies in highly designed products- both inside and outside, that made people happy. We used to think motorcycles and being edgy was cool (motorcycles still are- sorry mom). Now we understand that being happy is the new cool. That's why our new tagline is transforming the ordinary into moments of joy.

There is still nothing we love more than to drop new innovation and see if you all freak out (*hears screams in his head). We want to see you smile and get excited whenever you hold one of our items. We still keep the prototypes for future products in our jacket pockets at all times because of the shear excitement it gives us. As we look to the future, we hope you'll follow us as we become a more sustainable brand by committing to using 90% less plastic- reusable is our future.

We're still not a major brand with a fancy French name and a billion-dollar advertising budget. We are an inclusive brand owned by friends that care about people and high-quality products over making a profit (a little diaper money wouldn't hurt). Whether you're a rebel at heart or not — we hope you join in supporting Rebels Refinery.

Stay Awesome,
RR Team

*All Goods Cruelty-Free
*Most Lip Balms 100% Natural
*100% Fun