Spa & make up headband - ultra soft


This spa headband is as soft as a teddy bear against your skin, which is one of the many reasons this will make an ideal treat for yourself or a cute gift for friends! It stays in place around your face without slipping thanks to the microfiber and elastic. Twist it as tight as you like on the top of your head, as long as it feels good and you're having fun!

Perfect for keeping your hair back and out of your face during your skincare routine & when applying makeup. It will also help keep your hair dry when you wash your face or apply foundation.
Having a skincare routine is essential for your skin and for the time you give to yourself. We decided to make it cuter and more enjoyable with this adorable headband that looks like cute bunny ears! (shoutout to our new cruelty-free certification, Leaping Bunny)

It will become your SELF-CARE SUNDAY favorite: no more hair stuck in your face mask as it dries, and no more loose hairs falling in your sink from tying your hair back using harsh elastics. No more gymnastic tricks, 3 slides and 2 flips to ensure you don't get your hair wet when you're supposed to be relaxing!

Customer Reviews

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Perfect for my skin care time!

This is my first time having a skin headband and I LOVE IT! It's smooth, fleecy and the best part: it fits perfect for my big head lol Rebels products are all amazing 🤩


I bought this for my girlfriend to get free shipping (at first), and I couldn't imagine she would be that happy. She is using it every day, she loves it! BEST GIFT!


I already had an elastic head band before purchasing this one, but it wasn't very practical for my hair as they are bulky & curly (mediteranean hair) and I usually do my hair before my makeup. So, this adjustable head band is the perfect fit and the colours is just adorable! THANK YOU !!

Salome C.
So soft & useful

I love this thing! I got one for my roommate and one for me, and we both love it. I use it for makeup in the morning & at night in the shower to wash my face without wetting my hair. SO SOFT (and cute)

Much too small to fit my ;or any) head

I couldn’t tie this into a useful headband. The bunny ears are too long and don’t leave much fabric to fit around your head. I wish the whole headband was a lot longer. It’s a nice idea but the execution is off.