Pineapple Hand Sanitizer - Mixed 3 PACK

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Clear packed with Japanese Peppermint Oil / Pink packed with Grapefruit Essential Oil

Save few bucks when you buy them by 3!

Hand Sanitizer Spray contains more than twice more applications than traditional gel sanitizers. The best part is fast evaporating and no sticky residue!

What is more? Essential Oils are known to reduce stress and bring on feelings of peace and relaxation!

Can be refilled with the 500ML refill bottle.

Made in Canada - Cruelty-free - Vegan Formula - Travel-sized approved (TSA)

U.S customers: Please, allow few days extra for shipping on this item ❤

60 ML | 2 FL OZ | 80% alc./vol.NPN# 80108612MEDICINAL INGREDIENTS | INGRÉDIENTS MÉDICINAUX: Ethyl Alcohol (Ethanol) - 80% | Alcool Éthylique (Ethanol) - 80% | 3% Hydrogen Peroxide/Peroxyde d'hydrogène.NON-MEDICINAL INGREDIENTS | INGRÉDIENTS NON MÉDICINAUX: Distilled Water/Eau, Glycerol/Glycérine, Jappanese Peppermint Oil (Clear) or Red 33 & Natural Grapefruit Essential Oil (Pink).

Customer Reviews

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Great Sanitizer in a fun Package

Love the smell and how it feels on my hands. The Pineapple spray bottle is the cutest idea ever! Sits on my desk with my pineapple lip balm and makes me smile. So fun!

Taïna Frazil

excellent product

Kristina Little
Cute and efficient

I am in love! Not only do I love the smell of this sanitizer, the bottle is so freaking cute and doesn't leak, which is a plus for carrying in pursed.

Cat Bat
Rly cute

At first when I sprayed my hands I was like oh great now I smell like a grapefruit or peppermint cocktail but once it *quickly* dried down the scent was nice & this sanitizer really is kind on the skin

Good but small quantity...

Smells good but there isn't much in the bottle. Went through the first bottle in less than a week.


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