Sustainable Advanced Face Care Kit

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Ready to change your whole routine towards natural and eco-friendly? Meet our Advanced Face Care Kit. All your NEW routine in one bundle to save $$.

Step 1 - Cleansing. Remove dust and sebum from your skin in the morning & at night.
In the morning, choose your favorite between the face oil & the face wash.

At night, double-cleanse =
- Start with our natural cleansing oil to remove the pollution, makeup, SPF and dissolves the oils your pores created during the day. -we ain't chemists, but we've heard oil dissolves oil-. 
How? Use up to 5 drops directly on your face or first on your hands and rub gently all over your face for at least 60 sec. ENJOY THE SELF-MASSAGE. It is safe to use on the eyes & will remove your mascara perfectly. Rinse gently with a warm, wet Rebels Refinery reusable cotton pad.
- Then, use our 100% natural face wash to remove the excess oil & clean your skin. 
How? Apply one pump to damp skin, gently massage and rinse.

DRY your face with a clean towel.

Step 2 - Mist & Serum. Once your face is clean & dry, it's time to prepare your skin for moisturizing.

- Our 100% Natural Face Mist can be used as a toner. Just a few sprays will hydrate your skin and maintain your skin's pH balance. 
How? Spray directly on your face. If you didn't double cleanse, use a reusable cotton pad for a deeper cleanse.
- Our Eye Serum will reduce the look of dark circles, under-eye bags and wrinkles.
How? Roll under each eye and gently pat the serum into your skin as it absorbs.

Step 3 - Moisturize. Don't miss this step, it's the most important. 

This 99% natural lightweight facial Moisturizer helps restore dry and dehydrated skin, keeping you looking youthful. Emollient-rich shea butter conditions while jojoba helps defend the skin against oxidative damage. We also kept it fragrance-free so even those with the most sensitive skin don't feel left out.
How? Smooth a dime-sized amount onto your skin morning and night. Gently pat into skin until fully absorbed.
- Last but not least, our most famous product in our biggest innovation yet: 100% Natural Refillable Lip Balm + Pod (Fruit Punch + Vanilla Natural Fragrance). Why would you let your lips out of moisture after all you've been through?

Don't forget; skincare is self-care & taking 10 minutes every morning and night to take care of yourself isn't lost time. Enjoy the moment, close your eyes and take a deep breath. We love you. xoxo -rr

Includes: Cleansing Oil + cotton pads, Face wash, Face Mist, Eye Serum, Moisturizer + key, Refillable Lip Balm + Pod Fruit Punch + Vanilla, headband SPA, cotton bag.

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Roxanne Soulières

Finally, I found a skin care products who works!! I love it!!!